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The University no longer has a fixed retirement age. Retirement, regarded as a withdrawal from paid employment, will normally take place at a time chosen by the employee. Managers are required to discuss with their employees, as part of the Performance and Development review, the employee's future employment plans. Any retirement plans should therefore be discussed in this context.


Retirement (PDF, 339KB)

Guidance for Managers

Managers' Guidance (PDF, 41KB)

Early Retirement

Early retirement before normal pension age (currently age 65) will normally require the consent of the University if the member of staff wishes to access their pension immediately. There may be an early payment reduction factor applied to the pension. Members need to understand the rules of their pension scheme - see links below - and should contact their HR team regarding University consent.

Incapacity Retirement

Incapacity Retirement Process (PDF, 104KB)

Flexible Retirement

Managers' Guidance on Flexible Retirement (PDF, 241KB)

Leaving the University

Retiring employees should read the Leaving the University web page.

You will need to complete a Leaver's Form.

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