1. Post Authorisation

Vacancy Approval

The Vacancy Approval form should be completed on e-recruitment for all new and replacement appointments (with the exception of Chair and Reader appointments). Please refer to ‘Complete Vacancy Approval Request’ for guidance.

FMS Forms

The following forms for posts in FMS should be uploaded to the Vacancy Approval Request, if relevant

Justification for replacement form for academic posts (Word, 14KB)

Approval form (Word, 42KB) and procedure (PDF, 73KB) for new and replacement Clinical Academic posts with Honorary Consultant status with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Chairs and Readers

Procedure for the appointment of Chairs and Readers (PDF, 92KB)

Strategic case form for Chair and Reader appointments (Word, 34KB)


The level of authorisation will normally be at the Head of Academic/Service Unit level for post approval and Faculty PVC/Registrar level for post authorisation. Each Faculty and Professional Support Services has agreed the delegation of authority for recruitment and appointments.

A document outlining the approval levels will be available shortly.


In addition to basic information about the job, you will need to specify a number of requirements:

  • It is expected that all posts will be filled in the starting salaries range of the grade according to the starting salaries. Any variation to the above will need to be discussed with HR in advance of making the offer.
  • Fixed term contracts – positions should only be advertised as fixed term where objectively justifiable, according to the fixed term contracts policy.
  • Pre-employment checks – the University has a procedure for pre-employment screening depending on the nature of the work certain roles will undertake.
  • Advertising - you will be asked to indicate where you would like the advertisement placed and the budget to be charged where appropriate. Please contact HR for guidance on appropriate channels for advertising.
  • E-recruitment – all applicants must apply on-line. Application questions – the e-recruitment system provides you with the facility to require candidates to answer screening questions when submitting their application.

Ensure that you allow sufficient time for the post to be approved by the relevant signatories.