Essential Recruitment Checks - Human Resources - Newcastle University

3. Essential Recruitment Checks

Equality and Diversity

Guidance notes on diversity issues in recruitment and selection (PDF, 370KB)


  • What should be the appropriate grade and salary for the post?
  • How much can I afford?
  • Have I allowed for annual pay awards?
  • Do I need to allow for promotion opportunities?
  • Have I built in enough scope to allow for annual leave?
  • Have I allowed enough time and money for staff development?
  • Have I allowed enough money (if appropriate) to pay for a desk, computer, equipment etc?
  • Have I allowed enough money for recruitment purposes?

Conditions of grants or projects (where appropriate)

  • When is the earliest date I can appoint from?
  • Is there a maximum appointment period?
  • Does the appointment have to end by a certain date?
  • Does the appointee need to have any specific qualifications or experience?
  • Does the appointee need special clearance?
  • Do I need to obtain the sponsor's approval prior to making an appointment?
  • Will I need to inform the sponsor that I have made an appointment?
  • Are there any special issues regarding confidentiality clauses or IPR?


The vacancy will be advertised for one week on the redeployment site to enable redeployees to have priority consideration for the vacancy, in accordance with the redeployment policy.


You and any panel members should have received training in recruitment and selection and diversity issues.