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Reasonable Adjustment and Funding

A reasonable adjustment is defined as any opportunity for alteration to the workplace or the job role that will allow a disabled person to perform their function effectively.

It can include:

  • safe working practices
  • the physical environment
  • the equipment or materials you use
  • your duties or working hours
  • practical support or additional training

Examples of reasonable adjustments kings-gate-walk

  • Ensuring safe exit in an emergency and conducting risk assessments for safe working
  • Making adjustments to the physical nature of premises such as access, lighting or temperature
  • Making modifications to equipment or purchasing specialised equipment
  • Reallocation of minor duties or tasks to another employee
  • Offering flexible working hours, to avoid rush hours, ease of travel
  • Allowing absences during working hours, for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment
  • Assigning the job to a place of work more suited to their needs. For example, moving a workstation to a more accessible location or assigning the role to a team setting rather than in an isolated setting
  • Making instructions and manuals more accessible; for example, providing a Braille version for a blind person or a Sign Language Interpreter for a deaf person
  • Providing appropriate or additional training

Sources of funding for reasonable adjustments

University Budget

The budget of the Service/School/Institute or Faculty is the primary source of funding for any reasonable adjustments for the member of staff who works there. Wherever possible, however, other sources of funding from external bodies or funds should be explored to contribute towards the costs.

University budget holders have a clear responsibility to purchase special aids and equipment for any member of staff requiring these. It is expected that the cost of such aids and equipment are absorbed into the everyday running expenditure of Schools and Services.

If in exceptional circumstances a School/Service believes such expenditure cannot be accommodated within normal running expenditure, a request to the overall budget holder (i.e. Faculty PVC or Registrar) should be made for assistance.

It is vital that staff members do not experience any delays due to issues over which budget is to be charged. Delays can be highly disruptive and stressful for a member of staff.