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Critical ARC SafeZone App

SafeZone is a free new app for all students and staff that connects you directly to the university security team when you need help while you are on campus.

You can get urgent help if you or someone near you feels threatened or is the victim of an assault or robbery, and call for First Aid or Help in less urgent situations. When you raise an alarm or call for help, all on-campus security team members will be alerted to your situation and location so that they can co-ordinate to help you quickly and effectively.

SafeZone Areas

The SafeZone service is specific to SafeZone Areas that have been defined by your campus security team. While you are within one of the defined areas, the campus security team will respond to your alarm or call.

First Aid Button If you need medical assistance, tap the FIRST AID button. Campus Security will know your location and will direct a qualified First Aider to assist you.



Help Button If you need assistance from Campus Security, tap the HELP button. You will be connected directly to speak to Security, and they will know your location.



Emergency Button If you feel threatened or need urgent assistance, tap the EMERGENCY button. Campus Security will know your location, try to contact you and come to your location.



To register SafeZone on your phone download the free app and sign in.


Note that SafeZone only shares your location when you ask for help or check-in for working alone, it does not track you at other times, so your privacy is respected at all times. You can find out more about SafeZone’s features at