Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate School

Graduate School

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' Graduate School is a community comprising all students and staff engaged in postgraduate activity across the nine academic schools.

We hold a Graduate School Committee, where staff and student representatives from each of the nine schools in the Faculty can discuss current postgraduate issues, policies and scholarships.

Research training

We provide research training for postgraduate research training students and research preparation Master's degree students.

The Faculty's Research Training Programme is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council. It meets the requirements of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s research training requirements.

Administrative support

Administrative support for the training programme is provided by the Faculty's postgraduate team, based in the Faculty Office.

For students on taught postgraduate programmes, their day-to-day academic administrative support is delivered by the academic schools.

Research Student Support

For students on postgraduate research degree programmes, in addition to the academic and administrative support provided by the academic schools, the University has a dedicated Research Student Support team. This is based in Student Services in King's Gate and provides information, support and advice on matters relating to your postgraduate research degree studies.

The Research Student Support team provides:

  • support for:
    • student registration
    • annual progress review
    • examination processes for research students
  • produce verification documentation of:
    • student status
    • statements of qualification
    • pass lists
    • transcripts for postgraduate students
  • information and advice on changes in student circumstances
  • advice and guidance on University regulations, policies and procedures
  • monitoring of the University’s code of practice for research students