Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

PG Certificate

Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training

All PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Newcastle University can undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training at no extra cost, which:

  • provides an opportunity for you to develop and demonstrate training across a range of research methods.
  • equips you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and aptitudes to undertake advanced research.
  • offers carefully designed routes for Social Scientists and for research students from the Arts and Humanities.

The relevant Handbooks are downloadable here:

The Postgraduate Certificate can also be taken by applicants from outside the University who want to gain the research skills that can a foundation for a PhD application or a career in research in academia or in local or central government, the health services, third sector organisations or private businesses.

Read what former student Neil McClelland said about studying on the Postgraduate Certificate in Research Training.

More information

To enquire further about the Postgraduate Certificate email the Degree Postgraduate Director, Dr Robin Humphrey: robin.humphrey@ncl.ac.uk. You can apply for the Postgraduate Certificate via the University’s postgraduate admission pages