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Why engage with research training?

Why should PhD Students engage with Research Training?

For many reasons:

  • Both academia and employers expect doctoral graduates to have advanced skills far beyond an in-depth knowledge of their field of research.
  • 84 academic contributors and postgraduates from every discipline in the social sciences and the arts and humanities form an interdisciplinary learning environment.
  • The academics contributors have been selected not only for their expertise but also for their friendly, accessible approaches.
  • Extensive opportunities to engage with questions of theory and methods.
  • Help with shaping your epistemology and define the theoretical framework of your research.
  • The strong emphasis on networking - encouraging postgraduate students to develop links with each other and with academic members of staff.
  • The ethos of welcoming the skills, perspectives and experiences of international students for the creation of a multi-cultural learning environment.
  • The teaching is designed to encourage interaction, with the emphasis on student involvement and hands-on experience.
  • The programme is flexible and adjusts to your needs as you progress through your research.
  • With the help and support of your dedicated supervisory team, you can tailor elements of your training and create your own development programme to support your career aspirations.
  • Examples of our research training provision include Visual Methodology and Writing across Boundaries, which is an advanced training workshop for post-fieldwork doctoral candidates who have generated qualitative data.

See the brochure‌ summarising the main features of the Programme.