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Postcolonial Research Group

Postcolonial Research Group

Founded in 2002, the Postcolonial Research Group seeks to provide a base for the wide-ranging and expanding disciplinary and interdisciplinary concerns of postcolonial studies.

Continuing interest leads to re-evaluations of, and correctives to, the first wave of postcolonial studies.

The group seeks to facilitate fruitful exchanges between a diverse range of research areas and methodologies within Newcastle University, and with national and international academic communities.


The Postcolonial Research Group is constituted by young researchers with ambitious long-term goals to:

  • explore differences and similarities between conceptual interests and geographically-determined concerns
  • increase awareness of the disciplinary vocabularies used
  • create a stimulating work environment for researchers and their research students 
  • maintain and pursue links with other institutions and cultural bodies


The Group’s activities include:

  • a visiting speakers' programme
  • day conferences, such as English in A Global Context, November 25, 2007; and "Trajectories of Indian Independence: 1847, 1947, 2007", Sunderland University, December 1, 2007. 
  • international conferences

In April 2006 we organised a conference on “Ethics and Postcolonialism”, hosted by the School of English and partially sponsored by Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies.

More information

If you would be interested in presenting your research to the Postcolonial Research Group, or you would like to receive further information about our activities, please get in touch with Neelam Srivastava.