Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation

Past Events

Past Events

The following shows details of past events from IAFRI over the last year.

Methaldehyde Conference 2018

Details of the Methaldehyde Conference held in September 2018.

Driving Engagement, Innovation and Impact in Plant Science

Details of the Driving Engagement event held in March 2018.

IAFRI Science Conference 2017

Details of the IAFRI Science Conference event held in 2017.

Public Lecture - Do you know what you are eating? – science identifying food fraud

Details of the Public Lecture in Newcastle on 9 February 2016

Student Launchpad Event (IFST)

Details of the LaunchPad Event in York on 27 November 2015.

IAFRI Launch Event

You can view a video from the Launch Event in London on 14 October 2015.