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Agri-Food Production & Protection

Agri-Food Production and Protection

Protecting animal and crop production to feed a growing global population is one of the major challenges facing society today. Continued population increase means we need to produce more food in the next 35 years than has been produced in the last 10,000.

Environmental sustainability and repeated failures of plant and animal protection technologies, such as antimicrobial resistance, means that farmers are finding it  challenging to maintain parity in production.

Sometimes the tools do not yet exist to improve production. This requires innovation. The adoption of beneficial new technologies can be a challenge for industry.

Addressing these issues requires a united effort across many disciplines and spatial scales. Improving food supply chain resilience requires understanding that stretches from cellular processes through to field-, farm-, national- and international-scales.

The Institute has world-leading expertise across business management, consumer studies, food science, engineering, computing, statistics, molecular biology, pathology, decision support and social science. We can offer access to the unique scientific skills necessary to address the challenge by:

  • developing food production systems that are resilient, profitable and sustainable
  • enhancing crop health, livestock health and animal welfare
  • understanding the environmental impact of current and future food production systems

We will unite these scientific disciplines to bring the best new technologies to agri-food production. This includes precision farming and machine learning, to create more resilient and sustainable agri-food chains.

Uniting natural, physical and social sciences, we will bridge the gap between industry and academia. This allows us to create adoptable solutions that enhance livestock and crop health, whilst considering the environmental impact of current and future food production systems.