Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation

Food Safety & Nutrition

Food Safety and Nutrition

Research activities will adopt a holistic approach, integrating insights from natural and social science with an understanding of factors influencing the whole chain.

This will deliver:

  • an improved  understanding of how different drivers (eg climate change, stakeholder and consumer behaviours, economics, technological innovation, existing and emerging risks) influence food security
  • innovative systems and processes for transporting and exploiting data through the chain informing risk management and production and waste stream utilisation
  • a whole chain approach that integrates nutrition and improved public health  while ensuring the integrity of the food supply
  • understanding of the impacts of new agri-food systems and technology
  • knowledge on how to identify, assess, manage and communicate the risks and benefits associated with different production processes and foods
  • processes for effective knowledge exchange with stakeholders, to enhance food policies