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Staff Profile

Professor Giles Budge



I am an applied scientist with expertise in pathology, apiculture, molecular biology and crop protection.  My goal is to find intelligent solutions for real-world problems that ultimately inform policy makers and help industry.  I have over 20 years’ experience of applied research from across three national organisations and believe that high quality outputs are more likely to result from interdisciplinary science. As such, my ethos is to work collaboratively rather than in isolation. My research interests include:

•    Applying molecular methods to further understand the biology and control of pathogens

•    Using novel diagnostics to support decision making in the field

•    Combining modelling and experimental approaches to elucidate disease aetiology

•    Understanding biogeography and phenotypic variation in pathogen and host populations

•    Characterising endemic and emerging parasites and predicting likely impact

•    Optimising surveillance systems for exotic and endemic parasites

•    Understanding the risks and benefits of pesticide usage