Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Amy Bowman

Research Associate



I am currently a research assistant for the company PB Bioscience Ltd, based within Newcastle University. 

Current Work

My current research involves investigating the link between an antioxidant-rich diet and oxidative stress levels in the body. 


2006  -  Biomedical Sciences (BSc Honours), Newcastle University

2009  -  Medical and Molecular Biosciences (MRes), Newcastle University

2010  -  Doctor of Philosophy in the Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University


Tissue culture and molecular biology

Acquisition of primary cells from tissues (skin fibroblasts and keratinocytes), growth, maintenance, passage, and preservation of primary cells and cell lines, MTS cell viability assay

Bacterial cell culture, transfection

DNA and RNA isolation (from tissues, cells in culture, FTA cards, cotton swabs, paraffin-embedded samples, and frozen samples), cDNA production

Standard and qRT-PCR, mtDNA primer design, pyrosequencing, agarose gel electrophoresis

Western blot, protein quantification

Spectrophotometric analysis of mitochondrial respiratory chain complex activities

FACS, senescence-associated ?-galactosidase staining

ROS detection assays, chemiluminescence (luminol) and fluorometry (DHR123 and DCFH-DA)

UV irradiation of cells

Use of statistical software packages