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Dr Carole Proctor




D.Phil. Spatial models of antipredator vigilance in birds. University of Sussex. 2000
MSc Applied stochastic processes. University College London 1997
BSc Mathematics. The Open University 1995
BEd Education and mathematics. University of Leicester. 1975

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Research Interests

My main area of research is constructing and simulating computational models of the molecular mechanisms which are important in musculoskeletal ageing. I work within the Skeletal Research Group  and also collaborate with members of the Centre for Integrated research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) at the universities of Liverpool and Sheffield.

My other areas of research are modelling the molecular mechanisms of ageing such as  DNA damage checkpoint response pathways; cell signalling pathways; the role of chaperones and protein degradation pathways in maintaining protein homeostasis; and the decline of these systems with age. I have extensively modelled the mechanisms and pathways involved in the decline in protein homeostasis and how this leads to the aggregation of proteins, a key feature of many neurodegenerative diseases.


Other Expertise

Stochastic simulation, systems biology markup language


Current Funding

Previous Funding 

Medical Research Council and Arthriits Research UK 

Alzheimer Scotland and Alzheimer's Research Trust Fellowship



Undergraduate Teaching

Five lectures for BMS2014 Biology of Ageing

Postgraduate Teaching

One lecture for MRes in Medical & Molecular Biosciences,Biology of Ageing module