Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr David Swan

Research Associate


I am a post-doctoral Research Associate in the Primary Immunodeficiency Group at Newcastle University.

The group is led by Professor Sophie Hambleton, who is an academic and consultant paediatric immunologist at the Great North Children's Hospital.

We are based in the Inflammation, Immunology and Immunotherapy (III) Laboratory in the Medical School.


The PID group

The clinical team in the Great North Children's Hospital identify and treat patients born with genetic defects that affect their immune system. Various methods - including next-generation exome sequencing - are used to find the causative genetic mutation(s) in each patient. The details of mutations in: a) known immune genes that have not already been reported to be disease-causing; and b) 'new' genes (i.e. genes that are not known to be important for proper functioning of the immune system) are passed to the lab for further investigation.


I spend most of my time investigating the role of a metal ion transporter in B cell development. I also help the rest of the group look for disease-causing mutations in patients with primary immunodeficiencies.