Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Isabel Marchbank

Research Associate



I am a viral immunologist that has migrated into the area of complement biology.

Roles and responsibilities

I am responsible for general lab management and safety.  

Supervision of undergraduates and masters students within the lab.

Progressing my own research within the group.


June 2006 Doctor of Philosophy (Viral imunology) University of Birmingham.

June 1999 BSc (Hons) 2:1 Biochemistry University of Liverpool.

Previous Positions

Oct 2006-Jan 2010  E grade technician at Newcastle university.

Working on multiple projects including tissue culture, protein work, cloning and in vivo

Jan 2004-Oct 2006 Post doctoral researcher Cardiff university.

Investigating the interaction between NK calls and B cells in the productive lytic cycle.


Improving the in vivo pharmacokenetics of a mini-FH therapeutic construct.

The complement regulator factor H (FH) has been shown to be of interest as a bological therapeutic.  This remains the case in vitro when the large regulatory domain is removed from the middle of the protein.  This new mini-FH functions well and has had an affect in vivo but this is only transient.  

Sucessful targeting and enhancment of serum half-life could mean that this therapeutic agent could be used in a broard spectrum of clinical situations.

We aim to increase the serum half-life by inclusion of glycosaminoglycan targeting polypeptides or inclusion of an Fc (n) polypeptide.

Once these altered mini-FH are produced we will test if serum half-life has been altered and the effect, if any, on FH function.