Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr James Garnett

Associate Lecturer


Current Position

Associate Lecturer - Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University (2015-present)

Head of Exploratory Research Laboratory - Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach, Germany (2015-present)

Convenor of the Epithelia & Membrane Transport theme/section of The Physiological Society UK (2016 - present)


BSc Hons Biomedical Sciences (Physiology) - University of Aberdeen (2002-2006)

PhD in Respiratory Epithelial Physiology - Newcastle University & Novartis (2006-2010)

Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare and Biomedical Education - St George's University of London (2014-2016).

Past Research Experience

Research Associate - Division of Biomedical Sciences, St Georges University of London (2010-2012)

Visiting Research Fellow - Cystic Fibrosis/Pulmonary Research Centre, UNC Chapel Hill, USA (Summer 2012/13/14)

Visiting Research Fellow - Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences, Newcastle University (2012-2013)

Research Associate - Infection and Immunity Research Institute, St Georges University of London (2013-2014)

Faculty Research Fellow - Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University (2014-2015)



The Physiological Society (UK)

American Physiological Society

European Respiratory Society



Biomedical Sciences Prize (best final year undergraduate) - University of Aberdeen (2006)

American Physiological Society Cell and Molecular Physiology Research Recognition Award (2014)  


Ad hoc reviewer:

Medical Research Council (grants)

Research Foundation Flanders (grants)

The Journal of Immunology

American Journal of Physiology Lung Cell. Mol. Physiol.

American Journal of Physiology Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol.

Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology

Experimental Cell Research

FEBS Open Bio

BMJ Open



Research Interests

I am a Respiratory Lab Leader at Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany and an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle University, UK. I am interested in the role of glucose in the respiratory tract and in particular how it promotes bacterial lung infections in Cystic Fibrosis and CF Related Diabetes. My research focusses on understanding the role played by glucose as a growth source for bacteria, how changes in metabolism alter immune responses and how glucose levels are regulated by the airway epithelium to keep concentrations low. I also retain a strong interest in the role of airway surface liquid pH and epithelial bicarbonate secretion in airway homeostasis. Through my position at Boehringer Ingelheim I have a wider interest in the role of the respiratory epithelium in respiratory disease. I also currently serve as the convenor of the Epithelia & Membrane Transport theme/section of The Physiological Society, UK.

Research Expertise

-In vitro airway epithelia-bacteria-immune cell co-culture models

-Bacteria-epithelia/immune cell interactions

-Airway epithelial glucose transport and homeostasis

-Airway surface liquid pH (fluorescence microscopy)

-Intracellular pH regulation


Undergraduate Teaching

Respiratory Physiology

PSC2017: Advanced systems: Heart, Lung & Kidneys

CVR8012: Respiratory and Sleep


Postgraduate Teaching

Internal PhD Examiner