Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Kate Musgrave

MRC Fellow


I am a PhD Student working with my supervisor Professor John Simpson as a member of the Respiratory Medicine Research Group.  The group works to understand how the innate immune system dysfunctions at times of critical illness.

My PhD involves investigating how monocyte subsets interact with the endothelium during health, infection and sepsis. I am particularly interested in how these interactions affect innate immunity and the coagulation system.

Clinically I work as a Haematology Registrar at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and I am interested primarily in thrombosis and haemostasis.

Prior to this I completed my pre-clinical medical training at Pembroke College in Cambridge University and my clinical training at University College London.


Mortality from severe sepsis remains unacceptably high at approximately 20%. There is a drive to understand the basic mechanisms of sepsis and for this reason my PhD focusses on the interactions of activated endothelial cells and circulating monocytes subsets.

There are three strands to my work:

1. In vitro culture of primary human microvascular endothelial cells with isolated healthy monocytes

2. Using a model of human endotoxaemia (performed by other members of the group) to investigate early changes to monocyte subsets

3. Investigating the response of monocyte subsets from individuals with sepsis and following their recovery 


I regularly teach Junior Doctors at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust and have assisted in medical student teaching at Newcastle University.