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Dr Michael White

Research Associate


Research Interests

My work largely centres around understanding the molecular and cellular events that are involved in beta-cell dedifferentiation in human diabetes. Emerging from recent rodent lineage tracing studies, this exciting field may change the approach we take towards targeted therapies in Patients with type two diabetes. Recently, we have demonstrated beta cell dedifferentiated phenotypes and possible alpha cell reprogramming in tissue and islets obtained from Patients with clinical type two diabetes.

Current Funding

01/05/2015- 30/04/2016 MRC CiC (£29,150):  Towards disease modifying therapy for type-2 diabetes: testing novel peptides in an established model of beta-cell dedifferentiation

01/03/2015- 28/02/2018  Diabetes UK PhD studentship (£92,460.00):  Defining the role of dedifferentiation as a primary mechanism of beta-cell dysfunction in type-2 diabetes


Current projects

Currently, I have funding from the Confidence in Concept (CiC) scheme to work in collaboration with a large diabetes Pharmaceutical company. We have developed a humanised in vitro model of beta-cell dedifferentiation which we are utilising as a drug screening platform for the discovery of novel, disease modifying therapeutics. In addition, using a gain- and loss- of function approach, I am also exploring the role that various transcription factors play in beta-cell dedifferentiation. Critically, we are able to understand the potential clinical relevance of these studies through examining postmortem tissue obtained from Patients with type 2 diabetes. 


Undergraduate Teaching

Supervision of final year undergraduate student laboratory projects.

Postgraduate Teaching

Supervision of MRes laboratory projects

Supervision of PhD students