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Michael Reed




I am a full time hip and knee arthroplasty surgeon with an interest in training and outcomes. I work on basic science topics with Newcastle University and clinical trials with the University of York.


Local Roles

Head of T&O Quality, Northumbria Healthcare, 2011 to date


National Roles

Lead Clinician, National Logbook, Trauma and Orthopaedics – 2004 to date

Chair - UK In training exam (Trauma and Orthopaedics) - 2005 to date

British Orthopaedic Association Council - 2015 to 2017


Other Roles

Advisor on Quality to NHS Trusts

Visiting Professor, University of York




My research focuses on clinical outcomes and infection prevention, diagnosis and management. 


GRANT AWARDS in 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017

Orthopaedic Research UK2000 patient study on CD64 as a marker for prosthetic joint replacement infection (chief investigator for clinical study)

The Health FoundationClosing the Gap in Patient Safety (lead applicant)

Academic Health Science Network - NENC and Heraeus Medical - Spreading the use of high dose antibiotic cement to prevent infection following surgery for hip fracture (lead applicant)

Orthopaedic Research UK – “Developing the UKITE for trauma and orthopaedic education” (co-applicant)

Stryker - A randomised multicentre trial of 964 patients comparing the Thompsons stem with the Exeter/unitrax for hemiarthroplasty in patients with a proximal femoral fracture (chief investigator)

Heraeus Medical GMBH - Investigation of NucB anti-biofilm role in joints (co-applicant)

Orthopaedic Research UK - "Dispersal of clinical biofilms from titanium and cobalt chrome surfaces using a novel marine nuclease” (chief investigator for clinical study)

Orthopaedic Research UK – “An interactive Musculoskeletal Dashboard to inform Best Practice” (co-applicant)

Academic Health Science Network - NENC - "Stop before your op" - smoking cessation  (lead applicant)

Arthritis Research UK - Clinical Research Fellowship. CD64 as a diagnostic marker of Prosthetic joint infection (Supervisor - co-applicant)

Health Foundation: Scaling up for safety: standardising the lessons learnt from a hip fracture quality improvement programme – lead applicant

3M - A randomised multicentre trial of 4000 patients comparing compression bandage after knee replacement to wool and crepe (KReBS) (chief investigator) 

Orthopaedic Research UK – Vitamin D level and outcomes in patients undergoing elective arthroplasty (Supervisor - co-applicant)


Andrea Nicolas - MD Newcastle

Ramsay Refaie - PhD Newcastle

Martin Marsh - MD Newcastle

Alex Sims - PhD University of York

Tom Partridge - MD University of Durham

Haaris Iqbal - MD Newcastle

Puneet Tailor - MD Newcastle

Prateek Saxena - MD Newcastle

Jonathan Kent - MD University of York



For up to date publications, and statistics: click here



Trainer Trauma and Orthopaedics ST3-ST8

SSC project supervision

MD / PhD supervision - see "Research"



Chair of the UK In-training Exam (UKITE) for Trauma and Orthopaedics