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Oday Al-Dadah

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer


Personal Information

I am a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust with a special interest in Reconstructive Knee Surgery.

I'm from Ayrshire and graduated from Dundee University Medical School. I completed my higher surgical training as a specialist registrar on the Cambridge training programme. I then completed sub-specialist fellowship training at the Professorial Knee Unit – Southampton, Avon Orthopaedic Centre – Bristol, London (training in cartilage transplant) and Belgium (training in meniscus transplant). 

My consultant practice includes all aspects of knee surgery ranging from sports injuries to joint replacement surgery. I perform arthroscopic knee surgery and meniscal surgery including partial meniscectomy, meniscal repair, collagen meniscus implant replacement and allograft meniscus transplant. I also perform cartilage transplant surgery of the knee. My ligament surgery armamentarium includes anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction as well as medial collateral ligament and postero-lateral corner reconstruction. For young adult patients with arthritis I perform peri-articular knee realignment osteotomies including high tibial osteotomy and distal femoral osteotomy. I perform a high number of partial knee joint replacements using minimally invasive techniques encompassing medial and lateral uni-compartmental knee replacement, patello-femoral joint replacement and bi-compartmental knee replacement. I have developed innovative patient pathways which allow for knee joint replacement surgery to be undertaken as a day case procedure with high patient satisfaction and success. I perform primary and complex primary total knee replacements as well as total hip replacements for arthritis. I also perform revision total knee replacements for both mechanical or infective aetiologies. My consultant practice also includes general trauma with a particular interest in complex knee trauma (i.e. tibial plateau fractures, peri-prosthetic knee fractures, knee dislocations, etc) as well as paediatric knee injuries. I also perform surgery for patella instability including medial patello-femoral ligament reconstruction, tibial tuberosity transfer and trochleoplasty.

I completed my Doctorate Thesis on the topic of Reconstructive Knee Surgery during my research fellowship within my time as a specialist registrar. 

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Knee Journal. 

Roles and Responsibilities

• Foundation Programme Tutor

• Programme Director - South Tyneside Basic Surgical Rotation

• Deputy Clinical Director - Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

• Lead for Orthopaedic Research

• Lead for Orthopaedic Education 

• Lead for Junior Doctor Teaching Programme

• Educational Supervisor (Foundation Doctors / Registrars / Clinical Research Fellows)  


MB ChB, FRCS (Eng), MD, FRCS (Tr & Orth)


• British Orthopaedic Association 

• British Association for Surgery of the Knee

• British Orthopaedic Research Society

• European Orthopaedic Research Society

• European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy

• International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine


Journal Appointments

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Knee Journal. It is the official publication of the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK), the Australian Knee Society (AKS), the German Knee Society (DKG) and the Sociedad Española de la Rodilla (SEROD). 

I was previously a reviewer for The Bone and Joint Journal (formerly known as Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British); JBJS (Br)).

Doctorate Thesis


Soft Tissue Knee Injuries: Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Proprioception and Clinical Outcome Measures


1) Newly developed Static Stress MRI techniques were conducted with the use of specially designed fibreglass splints. They were shown to significantly accentuate the ancillary signs of ACL rupture and improve the overall diagnostic accuracy of MRI scans in the context of knee injuries. The kinematics of the ACL deficient knee was also radiologically evaluated to demonstrate the specific pathological pattern of tibio-femoral translation following knee injuries. 

(2) Longitudinal analysis of knee proprioception using Stabilometry in subjects with knee injuries including ACL ruptures and meniscal tears who were compared to healthy normal controls. Over 150 subjects were recruited which constitutes one of the largest studies in the literature relating to the topic of knee proprioception. 

(3) A total of 9 clinical outcome measures including clinician completed, patient administered, disease specific and generic instruments were evaluated in patients with knee injuries. Mathematical formulae were produced from liner and multi-linear statistical regression analysis which will facilitate the conduct of future meta-analyses in the field of soft-tissue knee injuries.

Research Grants / Awards

Gwen Fish Charity Trust

NNUH Research Fund

Action Arthritis Charity Trust

My Doctorate research has been published and presented at national and international scientific meetings and has won prizes and gold medals for best podium presentations including Medico-Chirurgical Society Carlile Gold Medal Winner and East Anglia Orthopaedic Club 1st Prize Winner - twice. 

Research Training

I have completed postgraduate research training in the fields of Medical Statistics and Research Methodology, including Randomised Controlled Trials, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses at Oxford University. This included training from Professor Doug Altman (founding director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM), Oxford University), Dr Marialena Trivella (senior medical statistician CSM, Oxford University) and Professor Mike Clarke (director of the UK Cochrane Collaboration Centre and editor of the Cochrane Methodology Review Group).

Academic Roles

I am the lead for research in the department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery. I currently supervise clinical research fellows in the department.  

Research Interests

I have previously published research under the auspices of the past president of the British Association for Surgery of the Knee and the past president of the British Trauma Society, the latter being on the topic of compartment syndrome in the context of tibial diaphyseal fractures. 

My current research interests include:

- Clinical outcomes following knee arthroplasty and soft-tissue knee reconstruction

- Day case knee joint replacement surgery

- Infection prevention in fracture neck of femur surgery

- Mortality rates and predictors in fracture neck of femur patients


Teaching Roles

Undergraduate Teaching

I have taught and lectured at the following Medical Schools:

- University of Dundee School of Medicine

- University of Leeds School of Medicine

- Norwich University Medical School

- University of Cambridge School of Medicine

- Southampton University Medical School

- Bristol University Medical School

I currently teach and lecture Newcastle University medical students.

Postgraduate Teaching

I am the Foundation Programme Tutor and supervise and co-ordinate the whole Foundation Doctor Training Programme for all the FY1 and FY2 junior doctors at South Tyneside Hospital.

I am the founder and programme director of the South Tyneside Basic Surgical Rotation.

I am the lead for orthopaedic education in the department of Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery.

I am the head convenor of the junior doctor teaching programme and devise the entire Trauma and Orthopaedic syllabus.

I am an educational supervisor for Foundation Doctors, Registrars and Clinical Research Fellows.  

I regularly update and teach G.P.'s, physiotherapists and allied health professionals on the current advances of knee surgery.