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Dr Philip Hampton

Associate Clinical Lecturer


Dr Hampton is an NHS Consultant Dermatologist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and an associate lecturer at Newcastle University. He is active in a number of research projects in close collaboration with university colleagues. Recent projects included 1. An observational study that demonstrated the association between alcohol consumption and having worse eczema and psoriasis 2. A clinical trial showed for the first time that a form of light therapy,  Narrow Band UVB was an effective treatment for palmar hand eczema and  3.  Work continues on the evaluation of a mobile phone app for skin self monitoring; . We are investigating how self-monitoring can benefit patients in the management of their skin problems and also whether the app can be used to provide better access to specialist care, in the first instance, in patients with acne. This project is in collaboration with Prof Patrick Olivier in the School of Computing.

Journal Publications

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Conference Proceedings

P. Hampton, K. Al-Jefri, C. Muirhead, D. Newbury-Birch, K. Kaner, E. Gilvarry, V. Araujo-Soares, N. Reynolds: Examining the prevalence of alcohol use disorders in patients with skin disease. 20th Anniversary Conference of the British-Skin-Foundation on Skin Deep; 10/2016

K. Aljefri, C. Muirhead, D. Newbury-Birch, E. Kaner, E. Gilvarry, V. Araujo-Soares, N. J. Reynolds, P. Hampton: Examining the prevalence of Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) in patients with skin disease, a cross-sectional study. 45th Annual Meeting of the European-Society-for-Dermatological-Research; 09/2015

D. Brass, P. Farr, N. Reynolds, D. Stocken, C. Macdonald, S. Wahie, S. Weatherhead, J. Wilkinson, J. Lloyd, S. Hill, T. Fouweather, P. Hampton: An observer-blinded randomized controlled pilot study comparing localised psoralen-ultraviolet A with localized narrowband ultraviolet B for the treatment of hand eczema. 95th Annual Meeting of the British-Association-of-Dermatologists; 07/2015

K. Aljefri, P. J. Hampton, N. J. Reynolds: Predictors of response to increasing the dose of etanercept: results of an audit. 93rd Annual Meeting of the British-Association-of-Dermatologists; 07/2013

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