Institute of Cellular Medicine

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Dr Rebecca Payne

Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellow


I began my career in immunology at Oxford University in the lab of Prof Philip Goulder studying CD8+ T-cell responses to HIV and HIV adaptation to CD8+ T-cell immune pressure.  

I joined the Primary Immunodeficiency Group in the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University in January 2016, following a 3-year break from research, working as a Research Associate for Prof. Sophie Hambleton. During this time I secured an internal award from the Newcastle Single Cell Unit which allowed me to begin gathering preliminary data from the recently installed Helios CyTOF located in the Newcastle Flow Cytometry Core Facility. 

I plan to use my Wellcome Fellowship to continue exploring the theme of host/pathogen interactions in immunodeficient patients. I will be working with Prof Sophie Hambleton and Prof Muz Haniffa to understand the role of Innate Lymphoid cells in immunodeficiency. I will investigate how Innate Lymphoid cells interactive with adaptive immune responses and how they might mediate signals from the gut microbiome during stem-cell transplant. I hope that these studies will provide insights into novel therapeutic interventions necessary to tackle stem-cell transplant complications such as Graft-versus-Host Disease.


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