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Dr Scott Anderson

Research Associate


Beta-cell plasticity, to avoid death during stress, is now a well-established phenomenon. My work is focused on elucidating the signalling which leads to dysfunctional plasticity in beta-cells during a range of stresses. This includes hypoxic stress, following islet transplantation, and glucotoxicity, during diabetes. We aim to elucidate the signalling mechanisms which cause 'stress induced' plasticity, with the goal to discover novel therapeutic agents to 'rescue' beta-cells. I also work alongside Prof Wright within toxicology, looking at how environmental toxins can cause beta-cell dysfunction and diabetes.


Alongside research I supervise PhD, Masters and Undergraduate research students and deliver lectures and seminars at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Areas of expertise

  • Diabetes
  • Beta-cell plasticity 
  • Islet cell Transplantation
  • Regenerative medicine


  • BSc Biomedical Science
  • MRes Medical Science
  • PhD Regenerative Medicine


        Current projects 

        1. Elucidating the hypoxic signalling which causes beta-cell dedifferentiation, post islet transplantation 
        2. Development of a novel donor human islet / recipient endothelial progenitor cell chimeric tissue transplant for type 1 diabetes
        3. Elucidating the mechanism of beta-cell dysfunction following exposure to the xenobiotic, M8OI, and exploring the role of xenobiotics in diabetes. 
        4. Understanding the role of FoxO1 signalling in beta-cell plasticity during hyperglycaemia 
        5. Towards cellular therapy for diabetes: Enhancement of Islets Engraftment and Survival Post Transplantation by Conservation of Mass, Viability, and Function Employing Novel Culture Systems



          Undergraduate Teaching

          Lecturer on Biochemistry module

          Practical Demonstrator and Seminar Leader on Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Biomedical Science undergraduate programmes.

          Postgraduate Teaching

          Lecturer on Transplantation MRes


          Supervisor of final year students research projects 

          MRes project supervisor

          PhD project supervisor