Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Weiju Wu

Research Assistant


I obtained a Bachelor degree in Clinical Medicine and a Masters degree in Ophthalmology in China. In 2012, I received my PhD degree in Biology at Durham University, UK. I was employed as a research associate by Durham University between 2012 and 2014 and studied lens regeneration in rodents. In Nov 2014, I moved to King’s College London and worked as a research associate in the lab of Prof. Wuding Zhou and Steven Sacks, where I studied the roles of complement particularly C5a and collectin 11 in immune regulation and disease. In July 2018, I joined Claire Harris’ group and worked on the roles of Factor H related proteins in AMD.


My PhD and first research associate job at Durham University mainly studied the influence of age and growth factors to lens epithelial cells and lens regeneration in rodents.


After I moved to King’s College London, I focused on studying: 1) how C5a/C5aR1 signaling mediates the expression of carbohydrate ligands on renal tubules in acute pyelonephritis, 2) how collectin 11 increases acute kidney injury and promotes the development of renal fibrosis, 3) how collectin 11 regulates the phagocytosis and cytokine production of retinal pigment epithelial cells, and 4) the roles of collectin 11 in regulating arthritis.


I have helped to supervise two PhD students, four master students and some undergraduate students.