Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Wezi Sendama

NIHR Newcastle BRC Clinical Research Fellow



I graduated from Newcastle University Medical School in 2011 and completed my Foundation and Core Medical Training in the Northern region. I was appointed as a Specialty Registrar in Respiratory Medicine in 2015 and returned to Newcastle University in 2018 to undertake PhD research.

My PhD project aims to use an experimental human model of inflammation to understand the dysregulation of inflammation with ageing. Age-related chronic inflammation can contribute to diseases of ageing such as sarcopenia and frailty, as well as conferring an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases. We hope that improving our understanding of age-related inflammation will lead to treatments that might mitigate the impacts of these diseases as we grow older.


MBBS, Newcastle University, 2011
MRCP(UK), Royal College of Physicians, 2015


My research is kindly funded by the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre, the SHIELD Antimicrobial Resistance Research Consortium and the Medical Research Foundation. Please take a look at the BRC page for an overview of the project.