Institute of Genetic Medicine

Developmental Genetics & Gene Expression

Developmental Genetics and Gene Expression

Developmental genetics research includes studying features of human embryonic stem cells and pluripotency.

We describe this within our Stem Cell Biology & Cellular Therapy research page.

We also look at various facets of embryonic and foetal developmental:

  • genetics
  • gene regulation
  • gene expression

We describe this here. Our Cardiovascular page highlights some projects investigating heart development.

Much of our research focuses on mammalian developmental genetics.

Human Development Biology Resource

With the Institute of Child Health, London, we host the MRC-Wellcome Human Developmental Biology Resource.

Pioneering research programmes are associated to this. These involve analysing high resolution gene expression patterns in early human development.

Mouse and zebrafish models

We construct and use mouse and zebrafish models to replicate human phenotypes. These are for various genetic disorders and to study gene function.

Our research projects look at how genes regulate during development. Another primary focus is how they work in disease states.

Key researchers

Dr Helen Arthur - role of TGFB receptors in cardiovascular development and disease
Dr Simon Bamforth - genetics of cardiovascular development
Professor Mike Briggs - molecular genetics and cell-matrix pathology of genetic skeletal diseases
Dr Bill Chaudhry - physical and genetic aspects of cardiac morphogenesis
Professor David Elliott - the link between RNA binding proteins and development
Professor Deborah Henderson - molecular pathways in cardiac development
Professor Mary Herbert - molecular regulation of gametogenesis and inheritance of the maternal genome
Professor Susan Lindsay - gene expression studies in early human development
Dr Colin Miles - the Wilm's Tumour1 gene in development and disease
Dr Heiko Peters - genetic control of craniofacial and tooth development
Dr. Helen Phillips - role of Rho Kinase in ventricular development and adult heart disease
Professor John Sayer - molecular genetics of the cystic kidney disease nephronophthisis