Institute of Genetic Medicine

Stem Cell Biology & Cellular Therapy

Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Therapy

Stem cells offer a unique and powerful tool for use in regenerative medicine.

Major challenges still exist in understanding the biology and function of these cells. This affects safe and effective translation of their use into the clinical setting.

In the past decade, expansion of our stem cell research has led to creation of an established group.


Our fields of interest and expertise extend to:

  • human and non-human embryonic stem cells
  • adult stem cells
  • the basic biology of stem cells
  • their clinical applications

Stem cell therapy related clinical trials are under way. We have considerable expertise in the regulatory aspects of cellular therapies.

We're also expert at good manufacturing practice production of cells for transplantation.


The main strengths of our grouping are the:

  • internal
  • national
  • international

collaborations we have, all aimed at translating stem cell biology to therapeutic applications.

Translational research

Scientists, clinical scientists and clinicians work together within our group. This highlights the importance we give to the translational research. 


We have laboratory facilities dedicated to stem cell research, including well-equipped:

  • molecular biology laboratories
  • tissue culture suites
  • good manufacturing practice laboratories
  • stem cell specific bio-imaging
  • flow cytometry equipment
Professor Che Connon and Dr Stephen Swioklo have pioneered research on healing wounds by wrapping stem cells in gel made from seaweed.
Professor Che Connon and Dr Stephen Swioklo have pioneered research on healing wounds by wrapping stem cells in seaweed gel.

Key researchers

Dr Lyle Armstrong - epigenetic control of stem cell differentiation and development of germ cells
Professor Che Connon - tissue engineering and cell based therapy and use of materials to guide cell growth, differentiation and tissue repair
Professor Francisco C Figueiredo - corneal stem cell research and transplantation, treatment of corneal stem cell deficiency (clinical trials)
Professor Majlinda Lako - understanding self-renewal of pluripotent stem cells and directing their differentiation to haematopoietic and retinal lineages
Professor Hanns Lochmuller - neuromuscular research
Dr. Annette Meeson - stem cells in regenerative medicine and disease
Dr. Andrew Owens - the identification of native cardiac stem cells and their role in development and disease
Professor Ioakim Spyridopoulos - finding how ageing of stem cells and the immune system affect cardiovascular disease
Mr David Steel - retinal genetics and stem cell biology
Dr Patrick Yu-Wai-Man - optic nerve disorders and mitochondrial genetics