Institute of Genetic Medicine



We host a variety of acclaimed genetics laboratory services that work with our researchers, NHS clinicians and conduct their own research.

Northern Genetics Service

The Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM) is home to the Northern Genetics Service (NGS). It is a directorate of the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

NGS employs almost 150 staff. They're responsible for clinical and lab services for 3,000,000 people in the North of England.

Muscle immunoanalysis

It's home to the Muscle Immunoanalysis Unit (MIU) as well. This contributes to the diagnosis of heritable neuromuscular disease.

Mitochondrial diagnosis

It has close links with the Mitochondrial Diagnostic laboratory. This is based in Newcastle University's Medical School.

Newcastle Muscle Centre

The Mitrochondrial and Neuromuscular Disease teams (Newcastle Muscle Centre) each have national funding.

This is from the National Commissioning Group (NCG) to provide specialist services UK-wide.