Institute of Genetic Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Colin Shepherd

Research Associate


Area of Expertise

Genetic susceptibility to common, complex, polygenic traits, particularly osteoarthritis.


Colin is a research associate within the laboratory of John Loughlin and Louise Reynard at the Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Colin has been utilising his expert molecular genetic skills and knowledge to identify the mechanisms through which common genetic variation between individuals can increase susceptibility to osteoarthritis: a common, complex, polygenic disease which affects millions of people worldwide.

To do this, Colin combines access to patient tissues, in silico and in vitro analyses.

Colin's most significant finding to date is that the OA risk locus at the ALDH1A2 gene modulates disease risk through decreasing expression of the ALDH1A2 gene, a key component of the retinoic acid pathway (Shepherd, et al. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2018).

Colin's list of publications can be found on Google Scholar at: