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Professor Heather Cordell

Professor of Statistical Genetics


Heather Cordell is Professor of Statistical Genetics and a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Genetic Medicine.The research interests of her group are the development and application of statistical methodology to genetic studies of complex disease.

Area of expertise

  • Statistical analysis of genetic and genomic data, particularly data from genetic studies of human complex disease

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Research Interests

Development and application of statistical methodology to genetic studies of complex disease.

In my group we develop statistical methodology to detect and characterise genetic variants contributing to common, complex diseases such as type 1 diabetes, asthma, tuberculosis, leprosy, renal and cardiovascular diseases. This research spans the realm of both linkage and association analysis, using both family (pedigree) data and data from unrelated cases and controls. Following localisation of genetic regions that contain susceptibility loci via linkage methods, for many diseases the focus of interest is now identification of causal genetic variants within those regions. We use a variety of statistical methods including regression and data-mining approaches to address this question. A particular feature of our research is on the development of methods for detecting linkage or association with, and modelling the effects at, multiple disease loci simultaneously. This includes loci that may be closely linked (i.e. that map to the same chromosomal region) and that may interact epistatically with one another.

The methods developed in our group are applied to, and in part inspired by, the data and questions of interest arising from our collaborations with clinical and biological research colleagues.


Svetlana Cherlin BA PhD 
MRC Research Associate

Rebecca Darlay BSc PhD
Research Associate

Richard Howey BSc PhD
Wellcome Trust Research Associate