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Dr Michael Wright

Associate Clinical Lecturer


Research Interests

The chondrodysplasias are a group of disorders characterised by abnormalities of bone growth. The clinical and radiographic delineation of these conditions is now aided in many cases by an understanding of the underlying molecular pathology. Along with Professor Judith Goodship and collaborators in seven other centres, I am involved in an EU funded program to provide and study the provision of clinical and molecular diagnosis for people with chondrodysplasias. This is the European Skeletal Dysplasia Network.

Disorders of connective tissue provided similar clinical and diagnostic challenges and I have recently established a collaboration with Dr. Anne de Paepe’s group at the University of Gent to study Ehlers Danlos syndrome Type III.

Abnormalities of tooth development are common in humans. The molecular basis of this is currently poorly understood. Dr. Heiko Peters, a team led by Dr. Ross Hobson of the University of Newcastle Dental School and I have recently obtained funding to study this in a group of patients in the North East of England.