Institute of Genetic Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Shalabh Srivastava

Associate Clinical Lecturer


I am a consultant nephrologist at the Renal Unit in City Hospitals Sunderland and South Tyneside NHS FT and a Hon. Asscociate Clinical Lecturer at Newcastle University. I have completed my renal training in the North East and North Thames region. I have done my PhD in the Sayer Lab and my research was funded by Kidney Research UK. I was also awarded a travelling fellowship to University Medical Centre, Utrecht by the ERA/EDTA. My research focused on cystic diseases of the kidney and I investigated the role of primary cilia in renal cyst formation.

I have been passionate about teaching and training throughout my career. I was appointed as the undergraduate tutor for the Wear base unit teaching 3rd and final year medical students.

I am one of the three interventional nephrologists at the Renal Unit in Sunderland where we are pioneering new interventional roles for nephrologists.


I have been involved in clinical research from the beginning of my renal training in London and have published my work in peer-reviewed journals. I have performed lab research in my own time while working as a full time renal registrar in Newcastle. Since 2011, I have worked alongside Professor John Sayer at the Institute of Genetic Medicine in Newcastle University and have completed a full time PhD. with funding from Kidney Research UK. My research interest is in investigating the role of CEP290 in the pathogenesis of Nephronophthisis and in the Sonic Hedgehog signalling pathway.


I am also investigating patients with Ciliopathies at an individual level by studying renal tubular epithelial cells isolated from patient urine. This is a novel technique that allows for direct study of the kidney phenotype without the need for a biopsy. It is an extremely versatile and non-invasive technique for isolating renal tubular cells.  I am now in the process of establishing my own renal genetics clinic at the Renal Unit in City Hospitals Sunderland .


 Clinical Tutor 2017-  : Wear base unit

Tutor (2011 – to date): CRRM2 module, MBBS programme, Newcastle University

Tutor (2013 – to date): SSC, Stage 2 MBBS programme, Newcastle University

Tutor (2014 – to date): Health Education for North East Regional Renal Registrar Teaching

Advisor (Oct 2015 – to date): ERA/EDTA Young Nephrologists Platform forum

Tutor (2014 – to date): Annual Science Day, West Jesmond Primary School, Newcastle