Institute of Genetic Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Tony Sorial

Clinical Fellow in Orthopaedics


I am an academic / trauma and orthopaedic trainee currently appointed as the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh / Cutner Orthopaedic Research Fellow within the Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Prior to this I completed my undergraduate training at the University of Manchester in 2014 (MBChB and MRes - Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine) and have held appointments through the NIHR Academic Foundation Programme and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship.


Basic Science

My basic science research is mainly in osteoarthritis (OA) and aims to develop a translational link between OA genetics, epigenetics and tissue engineered approaches to cartilage regeneration.

Our current approach is through functional characterisation of OA susceptibility loci which continue to be revealed in large-scale genome wide association scans (GWAS). We use this information to identify compelling targets for genome and epigenome editing (via CRISPR/Cas9 and dCas9 systems) to ascertain correlations between risk alleles, their genetic targets and cartilage phenotype.

Clinical and outcomes research

I am actively involved with orthopaedic outcomes research, I am currently working in a collaboration (with the Ageing Geriatrics and Epidemiology Research group) aiming to use big data to predict and improve outcomes in hip fracture patients.


I am currently a co-supervisor for two 4th year medical students SSC projects 

In 2020 I will be a co-supervisor for their MRes projects within Newcastle University.