Institute of Genetic Medicine

PhD Studentships

PhD Studentships

We have more than 60 postgraduate research students in the Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Intellectual supervision

We offer PhD supervision in the following areas:

Each PhD student works in a research group. You'll have a supervisor responsible for providing intellectual supervision.

Laboratory supervision

We have a formal system of laboratory supervision. A dedicated laboratory advisor oversees training in specific laboratory methodologies.

They'll provide you with general advice on laboratory research - specific training comes with each group.


You'll receive regular formal and informal reviews. You also have opportunity to give research presentations to your peer groups.

Projects are available in a range of topics. In our research section you can see the groups within the Institute. Take a look at the kind of projects our current PhD students are working on.

Graduate School training

Our Postgraduate students also receive training from the Faculty of Medical Sciences Graduate School. You'll have access to excellent research facilities.

Graduate School training meets the research councils' skills requirements. You'll gain skills and proficiencies in:

  • research skills and techniques
  • research environment and management
  • personal effectiveness
  • communication skills, networking and team working
  • career management

All our students keep a research training portfolio.  It allows you to recognise your proficiencies, skills and to identify any development needs.

Funded studentships (MPhil, PhD, MD)

Throughout the year we have funded studentship opportunities (MPhil, MD, PhD) which are advertised on the Newcastle University postgraduate website. These generally include funding for fees and a stipend to cover living costs; each studentship has strict eligibility criteria, please make sure you meet these before applying.

Candidates must apply using the online application form and include the project code in your application. 

Self-funded students (MPhil, MD, PhD)

If you are considering funding your own studentship or have private funding, e.g. from your government, you should apply using the online application form.
On your application please include:

  • the areas of genetics you are interested in
  • if you have already been in touch with a member of staff as a potential supervisor

More information

For more information about support, please visit the University's postgraduate pages. We welcome applications to all research areas from self-funding students.