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Find details of upcoming seminars and events at the Institute of Health and Society.

  • Health equity and social determinants of health

    This free event will include a performance by Streetwise Opera and a public lecture on health inequalities by Professor Sir Michael Marmot.

    Date/Time: 25th April 16:46 - 19:00

    Venue: King's Hall, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU

  • Why history and historians matter

    Dr Bruce Baker, School of History, Classics and Architecture at Newcastle University will deliver this seminar.

    Date/Time: 26th February 13:45 - 15:00

    Venue: Teaching Room T12, Third Floor Stephenson Building

  • Want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness: Beveridge’s five giants revisited from a human rights perspective

    IHS and Newcastle Law School will be hosting a free conference on health inequalities and human rights.

    Date/Time: 25th April 2019 08:30 - 16:45

    Venue: King's Hall, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU

  • Do consumers respond to “sin taxes” heterogeneously? New evidence from the tax on sugary drinks using retailer scanner data

    Dr Eleonora Fichera will deliver a seminar on 22ns January as part of The Health Economics and Evidence Synthesis (HEES) Group seminar series.

    Date/Time: Tuesday 22nd January 2019

    Venue: RIDB2.1.45, Ridley 2 Building, Newcastle University Medical School

  • Preventing and treating depression in the third age: the NIHR CASPER trials

    Professor Simon Gilbody (University of York and Hull Medical School) will reflect on the NIHR CASPER trials and discuss how to prevent and treat depression in the third age.

    Date/Time: 9th January 13:00 -14:00

    Venue: MED.L2.5

  • IHS research & away day 2018

    Date/Time: Thursday 13th December 10:00 - 16:00

    Venue: The Great North Museum

  • IHS Seminar Series: Promoting research at Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (NTW): NTW research strategy and how IHS could help

    Date/Time: 14th November 12:30 -13:30

    Venue: MED.L2.2

  • International Men's Day: Does the Y chromosome seriously damage your health?

    To celebrate International Men's Day IHS are hosting a seminar with Prof Ian Banks, the British Medical Association official spokesman on men’s health issues.

    Date/Time: 19th November 12:30 - 14:00

    Venue: MED.L2.8

  • The geography of the super-rich and what it means for us all

    Date/Time: 12th March 13:45-15:15

  • How we make causal inferences with observational research

    Date/Time: 5th March 15:15 - 17:00

    Venue: tbc

  • Asset-based approaches to addressing health inequalities

    Date/Time: 5th March 13:45- 15:00

    Venue: tbc

  • From the social to the biological

    As part of the social determinants of health theme this seminar will discuss the theory and practice of linking social and biological data to better understand how social and economic circumstances influence the risk of disease.

    Date/Time: 16th October 13:45 - 14:45

    Venue: Lecture Theatre 5, King George VI Building

  • "Is US style healthcare the future for England?"

    Public Lecture and Q&A Session, Monday 30th October, 6:30-8pm, Lecture Theatre 3, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

    Date/Time: Monday 30th October, 6:30-8pm

    Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, Herschel Building, Newcastle University

  • Professor Rosalind Raine, BSc, MBBS, MSc, PHD, FFPH "Evaluating Complex interventions: state of the art"

    IHS External Seminar Series,

    Date/Time: Thursday 26th October, 1:30-2:30pm.

    Venue: Lecture Theatre D, Dental School

  • The dismantling of our NHS and why we need an NHS bill to reinstate it

    Date/Time: 12th October 2017, 5:30pm

    Venue: Curtis Auditorium, Herschel Building

  • IHS External Seminar Series Professor Clare Bambra, Professor of Public Health, Institute of Health & Society

    Date/Time: 8 June 2017, 13:00-14:00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

  • IHS External Seminar Series - Matt Hickman, Bristol University

    Date/Time: 11 May 2017, 13:00-14:00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

  • Dr. Mark McGovern presenting

    Causal Inference without Randomisation? Quasi-experimental Methods for Public Health Research

    Date/Time: 13 April 2017, 13:00-14:00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

  • Prof. Chris Bonnell presenting

    Dark logic: theorising the harmful consequences of public health interventions.

    Date/Time: 9 March 2017, 12:00-13:00

    Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

  • Fuse and School for Public Health Research, 2017-2022’

    Date/Time: 9 February 2017, 1pm-2pm

    Venue: Dental School, Lecture Theatre F

  • Jeanette Ickovics presents - Group Antenatal Care: Translational Research and Innovations in Clinical Practice

    Date/Time: 23rd November 2016, 14:00 - 16:30

    Venue: Dental School, Lecture Theatre D