Institute of Health & Society





The Institute of Health & Society includes specialists in global health as well as those have expanded their knowledge and principles to work in the global context and with collaborators around the world.

The international lead is Prof Richard Walker, honorary Professor of Ageing and International Health. A consultant physician at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), and Associate International Director for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for the Royal College of Physicians in London, he has since 1989 carried out substantial work in SSA on stroke and Parkinson’s disease. He has published the largest ever prevalence study of stroke in SSAa, as well as the largest mortality (by verbal autopsy) stroke study in SSA, both in Tanzania. He also led the first ever community-based stroke incidence study in SSA.

He works with Prof Louise Robinson on the NIHR Global Health Group on Dementia Prevention and Enhanced Care (De-PEC) in India, Malaysia, and Tanzania, while bringing global research in IHS on areas such as appropriate medicines use and cancer epidemiology.

Prof Ted Schrecker is currently preparing two books on global health, Global Health in a Neoliberal Era: Critical Perspectives and with KS Mohindra, Handbook of Global Health Politics. One of his current projects is on extractive industries and health.

IHS director, Prof Allyson Pollock, has carried research on global health for many years for 20 years, researching and publishing on the public health implications of global trade and intellectual property agreements, and in particular on public health and appropriate medicines use and access to medicines in India, Africa, and Brazil.

Alongside the research, we are very pleased to be offering a new MSc, global public health, building on the success of our Masters in Public Health and MSc in Health Services Research.