Institute of Health & Society




The research of the Institute of Health & Society complements and augments that of Newcastle University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences by exploring the societal aspects of health. Especially it carries out translational work, working to ensure that biomedical science inputs and insights are translated into health and social care, health and social policy, and complex service arrangements, and so improve the health of all in society.

Our importance in translational research is recognised by our range of funding and responsibilities. We host Fuse, the North East’s Centre for Translation Research in Public Health, one of the five UK Clinical Research Collaboration centres of excellence in public health; the NIHR School for Public Health Research; and the NIHR Research Design Service North East. Our evidence synthesis team has a leading role in the NIHR Innovation Observatory; and we are a member of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

Our approach to research is to tackle issues in the round, bringing together specialists with a range of disciplinary strengths and perspectives. Complementing our skills in sophisticated quantitative methods, we are also well known for the methodological diversity, multi-disciplinary focus, and rigour of our qualitative research. IHS hosts an active community of qualitative and mixed-methods researchers.

The research is broadly divided into three overlapping and complementary areas:

Health through the lifecourse

Research themes and projects tackle issues in health from pregnancy and childhood through to old age, including the process of ageing itself


Public health and health inequalities

The social, behavioural, and economic factors in health include social determinants of health, public health interventions, health systems, and healthcare organisation


Health data sciences

Our methodological strengths in data science, biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, and evidence synthesis underpin the thematic work