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Applied epidemiology

Applied epidemiology

This research theme contributes to the understanding of disease, disability, and determinants of health, and to programmes of prevention and treatment We work closely with the Institute's other research themes. We work closely with colleagues in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Institute for Sustainability.

We adopt a broad range of methodological approaches including

  • epidemiology
  • demographic methods
  • modelling disease trends
  • systematic reviews
  • genetic epidemiology
  • spatio-temporal analyses
  • longitudinal and intervention studies

Our major areas of interest are in

  • maternal and perinatal epidemiology
  • chronic diseases, and in particular cancer – aetiology and survival, and spatial aspects
  • frailty, multimorbidity and disability – their development, risk factors, and amelioration
  • cardiovascular epidemiology
  • obesity and diabetes
  • health inequalities in relation to cancer, obesity, disability, and other chronic conditions

The IHS Epidemiology Research group are involved in a large number of projects covering a wide range of disease areas, examples of which are below and on the left.