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Improving the Normalisation of Complex Interventions: Developing quantitative Measures for users based on Normalization Process Theory (NoMAD)

Understanding implementation process is key to ensuring that complex interventions in healthcare are taken up in practice and thus maximise intended benefits for service provision and (ultimately) care to patients. Normalization Process Theory (NPT) provides a framework for understanding how a new intervention becomes part of normal practice. This study aims to develop and validate simple generic tools derived from NPT, to be used to improve the implementation of complex interventions.

Our objectives are to:

  (1) develop a set of NPT based measures and formatively evaluate their use for identifying implementation problems and monitoring progress;

(2) conduct preliminary evaluation of these measures across a range of interventions and contexts, and identify factors that affect this process;  (3) explore the utility of these measures for predicting outcomes; and  (4) develop an online users' manual for the measures.

The study will produce both robust scientific outcomes and impact on user communities.