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Supporting Excellence in End of life care in Dementia (SEED programme)

People with dementia already receive poorer end of life care compared to those with cancer, with more hospital admissions and worse pain control.  This project aims to support professionals to deliver good quality, community-based end of life care in dementia. Firstly we will review current guidance and existing care pathways.  We will also work with people with dementia, carers and professionals to examine how professionals deliver end of life care to people with dementia and their families, looking for examples of best practice and solutions to meet dementia-specific problems.  Combining the above data, we will develop an intervention based on Individual Care Planning (ICP) and then see how the ICP fits into practice, if it is used by staff and whether it improves the quality of care provided. Finally we will create guidance for clinical commissioners on the provision of good quality end of life care in dementia. 

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