Institute of Health & Society

Health systems and regulatory science

Health systems and regulatory science

Prof Allyson Pollock
Dr Michele Castelli
Dr Colin Millard
Peter Roderick

Health systems make up an important aspect of the social determinants of health. Their design reflects not just the implementation of best medical science and practice, but political, economic, social, and cultural factors. Our research examines health systems across the UK and around the world in the light of public health principles of equity, accessibility, and universality, and challenges policies and systems that hamper or undermine better health outcomes for all.

Our work includes

  • world-leading research on marketisation of health care in the UK and globally, and in particular over 20 years of research on the private finance initiative and public private partnerships;
  • analysis of the impact of socio-political and health systems factors on the health and wellbeing of the population, and responses around the world to current global challenges
  • the public health aspects of the regulation of medicines and medical devices
  • inequalities in health care provision and health outcomes, and their relation to national health policies