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Dr Andrew Kingston

Research Associate


I am a Chartered Statistician with a PhD in the epidemiology of health in very old people (85+). My primary research area is related to understanding pathways to disability in older people.

My research areas are:

  1. Utilising the hierarchy of disability to better understand pathways to disability.

  2. Developing disability risk prediction methodology.

  3. Using the frailty, multimorbidity and disability concepts to understand how they co-evolve to shape levels of dependency.

  4. Understanding how disability is shaped by exposures to risk factors across the life-course.

  5. Causes of the male-female disability survival paradox.

Cross-cutting each of these themes I am interested in how population inequalities relate to disability outcomes and the fiscal burden this places on health care services.

Over the past 18 months, I have also contributed to the development of a dynamic micro-simulation model (PACSim) to model (a) the health and associated care needs of the English population to 2040; and (b) the population impact of interventions for risk factor reduction, disease prevention and treatments that slow down progression to dependency.

For the past 9 years, I have been involved in managing aspects of the Newcastle 85+ Study.  The Newcastle 85+ Study is the biggest population-based longitudinal study of health and ageing in the over-85s anywhere in the world and provided new insights into health factors as the population becomes older.

My overarching vision is to understand how functional decline can be compressed into the shortest possible window before death, leading to better quality of life for older people and reducing pressure on health care providers.