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Professor Barbara Hanratty

Prof of Primary Care & Public Health



My research is concerned with older adults and encompasses three complementary themes; end of life care, loneliness and isolation and care homes. Equitable access to care, patient and caregiver experiences and the influence of socioeconomic disadvantage are particular interests.
I trained in general practice and public health, and have worked in low income countries. My clinical work is as a GP and I am also an honorary consultant in public health.


Training lead, Newcastle School for Primary Care Research

Member Institute of Health & Society Executive Board


Medicine MBChB, University of Bristol

Masters in Public Health (Distinction), University of Leeds

Masters in Health Economics, University of York

Doctorate of Medicine, University of Liverpool  


Previous Positions

NIHR Career Development Fellow / SL, Dept of Health Sciences, University of York, HYMS    

Clinical Lecturer, MRC Fellow, Senior Lecturer / GP, Dept of Public Health, University of Liverpool

Trainee in Public Health Medicine, Northern & Yorkshire

GP /Public health worker in St Lucia, Romania, Karnataka, India  

Honours and awards

Michael O’Brien prize, Membership of the Faculty of Public Health

MRC Special Research Training Fellowship

Selected as a member of the ‘Brisbane Initiative Cohort’

NIHR Career Development Fellowship

NIHR Ashridge Leadership training


Research Interests


  1. Older adult health and wellbeing
  2. End of life care
  3. Frailty in primary care
  4. Social relationships and health
  5. Care home health
  6. Equity in health and health care
  7. Liver disease in primary care - from early detection to end of life care


I am currently leading a programme of work on care home health, and have ongoing research projects in end of life care, including the costs of informal caregiving, social relationships and health.

With colleagues in the social care theme, Digital Economic Research Centre, I am developing an action-oriented programme of cross-disciplinary research into new approaches to digital social care. Particular areas of interest include the use digital technology to: (a) identify older adults with increasing social care needs; (b) tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst older people and (c) link and support social care workers and communities to enhance quality of care.


Current Funding


Hanratty B, Craig D, Brittain K, Vines J, Wilson P, Spilsbury K. NIHR HS&DR Innovation to enhance health in care homes: Rapid evidence synthesis. £225,884, 2016-17

Hanratty B, Robinson L, Duncan R, Brittain K, Gage H, Spilsbury K, Matthews F. NIHR Health Services Delivery Research Programme. Organisation of General Practice for Care Homes: A multi-method Study- £593,860  2016-18

Hanratty B, Robinson L et al. Pre-evaluation exploratory study of a Care Home Vanguard programme. approx £20,000 (Jan - March) 2016

Hanratty B, Exley C, Kaner E, Hudson M, Orr J, Holt T.  NIHR School for Primary Care Research - Liver disease in primary care £43,000, 2015-16

Hanratty B, Robinson L, Exley C, Matthews F, Iliffe S, Barclay S. NIHR SPCR - Can a frailty index be used in primary care practice to improve prognostication at the end of life? £63,000, 2015-16

Hanratty B, Flemming K, Grande G, Payne S. ‘Do older carers of patients dying with non-cancer diagnoses have different experiences and needs for support?’ BMA Strutt and Harper fund £38,581, 2013-2016


Current funding as a co-applicant:

Robinson A, Kaner E, Hanratty B, Jagger C, Steel J, Thompson R. Newcastle University Membership of NIHR School for Primary Care Research (£30M across nine member universities). 2015-2020

Olivier P. et al, including Hanratty B. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.  Next Stage Digital Economy Research Centre £4,977,478.65

Roman E, Thomson R, Hanratty B, Manca A et al. Facilitating Patient Choice in Haemato-oncology. NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research, £999,516. 2015-18

Young J, Clegg A, Mountain G, Noble M, Nolan M, Spilsbury K, Hanratty B. ‘Primary care-based management of frailty in older people’ NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, Yorks & Humber. £992,407, 2014-2018

Salisbury C, Hobbs R, … Robinson L, Hanratty B et al. NIHR SPCR. Understanding the volume and content of general practice consultations: the 5th National Morbidity Study £292,667 2015-17

Valtorta N, Hanratty B, Gilbody S, Kanaan M. NIHR Doctoral Fellowship, ‘Developing effective interventions to prevent or address the adverse effects of loneliness on the health of older people,’ £234,057 2013-2016

Kaner E, Hanratty B, Newham J, Presseau J, Vale L. Prioritizing service improvement through research. Newcastle W, E & Central Clinical Commission Group, Research Capability Funding £126,000. 2014-16

Bareham B, Kaner E, Hanratty B. NIHR SPCR Studentship. Alcohol and older adults in primary care. £60,000 2015-2018

O’Donnell A, Kaner E, Hanratty B. NIHR SPCR Post-doctoral fellowship. Mixed-methods assessment of the impact of financial & organisational change on screening & brief alcohol intervention delivery in English primary care. £135,000 2015-17

Grande G, Hanratty B, Pilling M, Van den Berg B. Uncovering the contribution, costs and economic value of family care-giving towards the end of life: National Survey and Economic Evaluation. Dimbleby Cancer Care, £117,675. 2015-16



Undergraduate teaching


Examiner for critical appraisal and SSC assignments 


Biomedical Sciences BSc

Lecture (ageing and public health)

Dissertation tutor


Postgraduate teaching 

Interim module coordinator Health Protection, MSc Public Health and Health Services Research, 2016-17


Postgraduate supervision

Masters dissertation supervision and examiner

MSc Public Health current students- Robert Barker, Kavita Chawla

MSc student/doctoral trainee, Digital Civics, OpenLab Helen Rice, (Home care workers and technology)


NHS Trainees Supervision

General Practice - Robert Barker, Helen Jarvis, (Academic innovative posts, Northumbria GP VTS)

Public Health - Kavita Crawla, Melissa Brown, Nicole Ahmed


NIHR SSCR capacity building award 2016-17

Schreuders L. Understanding the prevalence, care and management of frailty in care home residents NIHR School for Social Care Research - Building research capacity in social care research, personal award. University of Leeds. Spilsbury K and Hanratty B supervisors.


Higher degrees

  1. Bethany Bareham NIHR SPCR doctoral studentship 2015-18 (Exploring older adults’ and practitioners’ perceptions of risks and benefits for alcohol consumption in old age)
  2. Daniel Stowe PhD studentship 2016-19 (Frailty in primary care)
  3. Nicole Valtorta, NIHR doctoral student, University of York 2013-16). (Developing effective interventions to prevent or address the adverse effects of loneliness and isolation on the health of older people)
  4. May Moonan, MD student, University of Liverpool with Margaret Whitehead, Gillian Maudsley. (studies temporarily suspended)
  5. Louise Roper, PhD student, University of Liverpool. (Resilience in patients and bereaved carers at the end of life). (studies temporarily suspended)