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Staff Profile

Dr Becca Wilson

MRC Innovation Fellow


Becca is a data scientist and science communicator working across health data science and social science on projects related to the access, sharing and use of health data.

Becca currently leads DataSHIELD - managing this open source software project from an operational perspective and contributing centrally to both strategic input and development of the software for the distributed analysis of sensitive health and biomedical datasets. Becca's DataSHIELD research interests include the integration of DataSHIELD with existing infrastructures and emerging technologies (e.g. BRISSKit , virtual reality), developing DataSHIELD methodologies and infrastructures for new data types (text, geospatial) and scoping applications of DataSHIELD beyond biomedicine (e.g. digital humanities, academic publishing).

Becca holds further research interests cross-cutting social and health sciences and is the technical lead on ECOUTER - a new D2K methodology for stakeholder engagement. Becca is also project founder and Co-I of the publications metadata augmentation project (PUMA) - using datamining to build academic publications metadatasets related to individual cohort studies within CLOSER. These metadatasets can be used for social studies of health science, to understand how data from cohort studies is being used, and can also provide a way to monitor the impact of cohort studies.
Additionally, Becca holds substantial experience in science communication and public engagement comprising over ten years’ experience developing and delivering research related outreach activities to engage students and the public in hands-on science, technology, engineering and maths.