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Dr Deborah Stocken

Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics and Clinical Trials


Dr Deborah Stocken PhD CStat

I moved to the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University as Senior Lecturer in June 2012 following an 18 year career at the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, University of Birmingham.

I am Head of Statistics in the Institute of Health and Society leading a team of medical statisticians, collaborating with clinical leads across the Faculty of Medical Sciences and working closely with NIHR Research Design Service North East as specialist statistical advisor. I am responsible for developing and implementing a portfolio of research ensuring robust, appropriate and deliverable methodological input to study design and research conduct, securing grant income as lead statistical co-investigator.

I am experienced in multivariable prognostic, diagnostic prediction modelling, joint modelling, meta-analysis, analysis of quality of life data. I sit on various external committees in my role as senior statistician including scientific research and funding review committees, clinical studies groups, as well as other external trial oversight committees.

I am experienced in early and late phase study design from single centre phase 1 cohort studies to multi-centre, international phase 3 randomised controlled trials. I have knowledge and experience in study design, conduct, data analysis and presentation within a tight regulatory framework according to MHRA GCP. I was Deputy Director of the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit, a Registered UKCRC CTU, to Dec 2016 and remain a member of the CTU Strategic Management Committee.

My current research portfolio includes early phase dose escalation and efficacy/safety studies, late phase studies including non-inferiority and factorial trials, stratified medicine projects and feasibility studies, funded through NIHR, MRC and other peer-reviewed funding panels (e.g. Wellcome, Cancer Research UK). I teach medical statistics and research methods at post-graduate level and am module lead for Masters in Public Health. I supervise PhD students and act as external PhD examiner.

Professional memberships:

  • Diabetes UK Research Funding Committee 
  • Bone Cancer Research Trust Scientific Advisory Panel
  • NIHR Clinical Trials Fellowships Review Panel
  • The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) 
  • UKCRC Registered Trials Units, Statistics Subgroup Committee 
  • NIHR Statistics Group 
  • Newcastle University Faculty Medical Sciences Information Governance Steering Group 


 Co-investigator Research

1.    JA Wilson, Rousseau NS, Ternent L, Stocken DD. Carrie. NAIROS UK NAsal Septoplasty Economic and Clinical Outcomes: a randomised controlled trial. NIHR HTA 2016. £995,482.

2.    JD Issacs, AE Anderson, CMU Hilkens, WF Ng, DD Stocken, AG Pratt . BIOlogical Factors that Limit sustAined Remission in rhEumatoid arthritis (the BIO-FLARE study). MRC 2016. £1,447,242.

3.    N Prathalingam, L Hyslop, A Murdoch, M Herbert, D Stocken, J Stewart, M Cole. A trial of egg recovery rates for IVF using a collection chamber that provides environmental control: EGGCELL Trial. NIHR i4i 2016. £1,012,364.

4.    P Thelwall, IA Forrest, AJ Simpson, DD Stocken, KG Hollingsworth. Non-invasive quantitative  ventilation imaging by MRI of flurocarbon gas (LIFT).  MRC DFPS 2015.  £673,681.

5.    V Kunadian, DD Stocken. The OLD-RITA Trial. The OLDer patients randomised interventional trial in acute non-ST elevation myocardial infarction.  British Heart Foundation 2015. £1,705,737

6.    JA Wilson, CA Haighton, PJ McMeekin, NS Rousseau, IN Steen, DD Stocken. NATTINA. National trial of tonsillectomy in adults. NIHR-HTA 2014. £1,118,086.

7.    V Kunadian, DD Stocken. APPLE-COPD.  Anti-platelet therapy in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in patients with COPD.  AstraZeneca UK Ltd. 2014 £761,234.

8.    NJ Reynolds, DD Stocken, P Zuliani, A Wipat. Stratified Medicine Consortium to stratify psoriasis for optimal therapy PSORT. MRC Stratified Medicine 2013. £720,824. Member of Programme Executive Committee.

9.    N Rajan et al. TRAC - Topical tropomyosin kinase (TRK) inhibitor as a treatment for inherited CYLD defective skin tumours). Wellcome 2013. £373,530.

10.    JD Issacs, WF Ng, DD Stocken. TRAFIC - Targeting the RA synovial fibroblast via cyclin dependent kinase inhibition - a phase IIa study. MRC 2013.  £907,665.

11.    AJ Simpson, QM Anstee, LD Vale, DD Stocken, NS Sheerin, A De Soyza, AG Hall, JD Isaacs. NIHR Diagnostic Evaluation Cooperation - infrastructure programme grant with opportunity to lead into funded clinical trials. NIHR 2013. £512,990.

12.    Jones et al. UKPBC - UK-PBC: stratified medicine in primary biliary cirrhosis) infrastructure programme grant with opportunity to lead into funded clinical trials. MRC Stratified Medicine 2013. £2,397,120.

13.    Wilson et al. NIHR HTA- TOPPITS controlled trial of extra-oesophageal reflux treatment in the management of upper respiratory symptoms. NIHR HTA 2012. £525,822.

14.    V Paleri, LD Vale, DD Stocken, JA Wilson, NS Rousseau, TJ Rapley.  Pre-treatment   Gastrostomy vs Oral Nasogastric TUBE National Support in Patients NIHR HTA 2012. £321,482.

15.    Meyer T, P Johnson, D Palmer, DD Stocken.  TACE-2. A randomised placebo-controlled, double blinded, phase  III trial of sorafenib in combination with transarterial chemoembolisation in hepatocellular cancer. EudraCT: 2008-005073-36, ISRCTN: 93375053. UCL/CTAAC £955,279.

16.    SG O’Brien, LD Vale, CR Muirhead, DD Stocken. SPIRIT-3.  ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc. 2013 £13,090,887. Closed.

17.    C Gamble, DD Stocken, S Lewis, E Juazczak, C Dore, P Williamson, D Altman, A Montgomery.   Statistical Analysis Plan Guidance. MRC HTMR 2013.  £48,500.00. Closed.

18.    AJ Adamson, JM Adams, N O’Brien, LD Vale, HW Brown, DD Stocken, J Halligan, WL Wrieden, MJR White. PHRC MoF Cooking Skills - Evaluation and implementation of adult cooking skills interventions in the UK. DoH 2013.  £255,364. Closed.

19.    A Ewies, D Rea, DD Stocken, J Joseph, S Sundar.  FOAM: Folic acid supplementation objectively ameliorates hot flashes. NIHR RfPB £249,996.

20.    N James, E Porfiri, DD Stocken, J Barnwell, C Parker, D McLaren. RA223. A randomised phase II trial to assess the feasibility and safety of the combination of docetaxel plus Ra-223 in the first line chemotherapy treatment of men with bony metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer. CRUK Feasibility Study 2012.

21.    D Adams, D Barton, DD Stocken, S Hussain, D Palmer, S Curbishley, P Johnson, N Steven, S Olliff, M Kamarjit, W Wei.  IMMUNOTACE. A Randomised phase II Clinical Trial of conditioning cyclophosphamide and Chemoembolisation with or without Vaccination with Dendritic Cells pulsed with HepG2 lysate in vivo in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma. EUDRACT NUMBER: 2011-001690-62. NIHR/EME £580,000. Closed.

22.    E Porfiri, N James, DD Stocken, Barnwell J. PAZ-02. A study of pazopanib efficacy and safety in patients with advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma and ECOG Performance Status 2. EudraCT: 2011-001211-31. GlaxoSmithKline £300,000.

23.    J Radford, DD Stocken, A Davies, S Barrington, K Linton.  Brevity A phase II study of brentuximab velotin (SGN-35) using a response adapted design in patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma unsuitable for chemotherapy due to age, frailty or co-mobility.  LLR 2011. £330,673.03

24.    S Devereux, DD Stocken, C Fegan, D Macallan.  CyCLL 1278 An early phase II trial of cyclosporine A in Early Adverse Risk CLL.  LLR 2011. £66,918

25.    Newsome P, Adams D, Stocken DD, Barton D. REALISTIC. A multicentre, phase II, open label, randomised controlled trial of repeated autologous infusions of g-csf mobilised cd133+ bone marrow stem cells in patients with cirrhosis. EUDRACT: 2009-010335-41, ISRCTN: 91288089. Through NIHR BRU. Closed.

26.    Newsome P, Adams D, Stocken DD, Barton D. LEAN. A 48-week phase II, randomised, double blinded placebo controlled, parallel-group, multicentre trial on liraglutide’s safety, efficacy and action on liver histology and metabolism in overweight patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, with or without type ii diabetes. EUDRACT: 2009-016761-29, ISRCTN: 85774727. Wellcome Trust £50,000. Closed.

27.    DD Stocken, AB Hassan, DG Altman, N Freemantle, PJ Johnson. Prognostic Classification of Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. CRUK C19491/A6150. £39,232. Closed.

28.    SR Bramhall, J Buckels, AB Hassan, DD Moffitt, DJ Kerr.  SONG A Randomised Phase II Trial of Neoadjuvant Therapy for Patients with Resectable Pancreatic Cancer. Closed.


1.       MPH. Further Quantitative Methods. Module Lead 2015-

2.       MPH. Further Quantitative Methods 2012-

3.       MPH. Quantitative Methods. 2013-

4.       MRes Experimental Medicine. Clinical Trials and Biostatistics. 2012-

5.       MClinRes. Clinical Trials. 2014-

6.       AstraZeneca. CT teaching. May 2014

7.       MSc dissertation marking 2014-

8.       MBBS assignment marking 2012-

9.      PhD supervisor, assessor and external examiner 2013-