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Staff Profile

Dimitrios Tzelis

Research Assistant


Dimitrios is a Health Economist who joined the Institute of Health and Society in March 2016 as a Research Assistant in Health Economics. His main areas of interest within the field of health economics are Economic Evaluation, Economic Modelling, Pricing and Market Access. In the past, he has conducted research in the area of Alzheimer’s disease. 


MSc Health Economics, University of York, United Kingdom (2015)

BSc Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece (2012)

Previous Positions

MSc Research Placement (Health Economics), Global Patient Outcomes & Real World Data department, Eli Lilly and Co., Windlesham, United Kingdom (2015)


Research Interests

  • Economic Evaluation of Health care Technologies using modelling techniques & alongside clinical trials
  • Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement for Health care Technologies

Research Projects

Dimitrios is currently carrying out economic evaluations using decision modelling techniques for the following studies:

  • SEED:  Supporting Excellence in End of life care in Dementia
  • TUBE: A feasibility randomised controlled trial of pre-treatment gastrostomy tube versus oral feeding plus as-needed nasogastric tube feeding in patients undergoing chemoradiation for head and neck cancer

Past projects:

  • MSc Dissertation: “Alzheimer’s disease: A systematic literature review to support economic model adaptations”, Windlesham 2014, United Kingdom

            Project Leader: Barrett Annabel (Eli Lilly & Co.)