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Professor Helen Hancock




I have research expertise in the design, development and delivery of nationally-funded clinical trials with a track record in cardiac surgery and cardiology clinical trials, as well as in randomised controlled trial methodology. 

My background in the NHS and my active research and academic roles, mean that I am familiar with the landscape and strategic imperatives within which the NIHR and NHS operate.

I offer academic and strategic leadership of the Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU) and NIHR Research Design Service North East & North Cumbria (RDS NENC) teams. 

co-Director, Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU)

I hold responsibility for the academic, financial, administrative and business management of NCTU.

NCTU is focused on excellence in the design, development and delivery of clinical trials to improve patient outcomes .The Unit provides the infrastructure to support clinical trials and studies to be conducted to the standards required by regulators and in accordance with best practice and guidance. 

Director, NIHR Research Design Service North East & North Cumbria (RDS NENC) 

The RDS NENC is one of ten regionally based RDS’, which together form a national Research Design Service

The Research Design Service provides advice to investigators who are preparing applications for national peer-reviewed funding (to NIHR, AMRC, MRC and other national funding bodies) for applied health and social care research. 

RDS NENC operates an integrated, regional service: 

Email: ph. (0191) 208 7000