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Professor Linda Sharp

Professor of Cancer Epidemiology


Linda joined the Institute of Health & Society in January 2015.  Before that Linda was Research Lead at the National Cancer Registry and Adjunct Professor at University College, Cork.

Linda originally trained as a medical statistician after which she worked at the Scottish Cancer Intelligence Unit.   She joined the National Cancer Registry from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where she was Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology.


Over her career, Linda has worked extensively in gastro-intestinal, prostate, cervical and head & neck cancers. Her research interests range from cancer aetiology, through cancer screening, cancer treatment and treatment-decision making, to cancer survivorship. Being based at a cancer registry, Linda has a particular interest in maximising the use of routinely-collected health data. With colleagues at Trinity College Dublin, she has developed a programme of work in cancer pharmacoepidemiology, which uses linked cancer registration and prescribing data to investigate associations between commonly-prescribed medicines and cancer outcomes. She has also: established methodologies for using the National Cancer Registry as a sampling frame for survivorship research; initiated projects exploiting linked cancer registrations and hospital in-patient episodes; and applied health economic methodologies to registration data to investigate health service and societal costs of cancer.  She is the principal investigator, or a co-investigator, on a range of research projects in these areas.